Bedwetting (Enuresis) alarms are very effective in helping to cure bedwetting.
Even if you have tried then before and have not helped they can still be effective.  Click on the link "Bedwetting Alarms" and see below.

  • How Do They Work ? - They Do !

 When urine reaches a sensor pad and sets off the alarm, a bell rings and wakes you up.
(Fun ! - Yes ?)

After a while your brain recognises that the bladder is full and knows that the alarm will go off, and so holds on. (Your brain is NOT Silly!)

Either you will hold on till morning or wake up to go to the toilet.

It may take 8 to 10 weeks to achieve dryness.

Progress needs to be properly supervised by an experienced Continence Adviser.

Body Worn Malem

Bell & Pad Ramsay Coote

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  • Self Hypnosis

This is not a weird trick as seen on television,
(You will not train yourself to squawk like a chicken - save that for your brother or sister). It is a bit like what athletes and sports stars use to enhance their performance. (Steroids do NOT work for Wetting!)

It involves more positive thinking and elements of :

Visualising Dryness
Repetitive Positive Thinking.
  • Medications

Medication can be helpful for some people. It can be used either as a temporary aide eg: staying over or school camps, or it maybe used for long term control. It is not curative and generally only works whilst you take it.


This is a type of hormone that slows your kidney from making urine. Therefore your bladder fills much slower. It is used as a nasal spray at night.

It needs to be prescribed by a doctor and must be used with caution as if you have too much to drink late at night all the fluid will "stay on board" and cause problems.

Tablets - Tricyclic Antidepressants
(Not Recommended)

Previously used for bedwetting, dryness was a "Side-Effect " of the drug. But it has many other side-effects including reports of cardiac side-effects. ( Sometimes known as the "Trick Cyclics" because of this )

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