Management programs come in a number of stages:

Assessment - Investigation into the history of problem,
- Examinations, and
- Follow-ups,
Management - Plan Formulation,
- The use of alarms.
  - Management program in detail , and Published study  


Undertaken by Paediatrician and Continence Nurse Advisers. Most information is gained from the history of the problem.

Initial Assessment
    History of Problem

The interview  explores areas of:

- Family structure and history of wetting or bowel problems.
- Past illnesses.
- Defining the patterns of urine flow, bowel problems/soiling.
- Any associated problems.
- Any previous efforts to manage the problem and their success/failures.
- Motivation of the child to be involved.

The examination is undertaken by the paediatrician. It is required to help rule out underlying disorders, which are most uncommon for bedwetting. A possible association with constipation is also investigated.

     Patterns of Urine Flow / Bowel Passage.
The "voiding" pattern both day and night needs is assessed.
Pattern of stooling and/or soiling is charted.


Visits - Fortnightly with Paediatrician / Continence Nurse Adviser.
Telephone - Frequent, between clinic reviews.
Mail - At least weekly (e-mail and snail)


  • Management

  • It can not be stressed enough that the success of any management plan is highly dependant upon

    - Active participation and responsibility by your child.
    - Positive encouragement and involvement of parents and family.
    - Close supervision and contact with therapists.
    - Focusing on gains
    - Evaluation and encouragement of progress


    A family centred plan will be discussed and negotiated with you and your child. An active encouragement program for your child will be implemented. Encouragement is paramount for your child (and yourself).

    The plans can include:

    Nocturnal Enuresis & Daytime Wetting

    Soiling / Encopresis

    - General Measures - Fluids / Sleep Routines
    - Reward & Encouragement Programs 
    - Bladder Training Programs
    - Bed Wetting Alarms
    - Medication*
      - General Measures - Diet / Fluids / Routines
      - Reward & Encouragement Programs
      - Toileting Routines
      - Stool Softeners / Laxatives
      - Behavioural Therapy
    *Medication is rarely used. Wetting usually starts after it's cessation. Best used for over night stays, school camps


  • Bedwetting Alarms

  • For most bedwetting,  the enuresis alarms are -" The Treatment of Choice "


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