Simple Things
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  • Diet

Some foods and drinks can "irritate" the bladder. Unfortunately these include all the good things: e.g." Coke Cola fizzy drinks and caffeine as in tea and coffee.


  • Alcohol

Alcohol can make wetting worse. It increases the fluid you take late at night. It makes you more sleepy at night. Alcohol stimulates the kidney to produce more urine.


  • Bowels
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Constipation is known to "irritate" the bladder. If your bowel motions are hard or large, some laxatives may help.

  • Fluids

Drinking more during the day helps, probably by "stretching" the bladder and giving your brain plenty of opportunity to know what a full bladder feels like.


  • Specific Treatments

These can include :

?Bedwetting Alarms
?Self hypnosis

Last Updated  Wednesday, 21. February 2007

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