Why Be Dry?               

I want to be Dry

It helps a lot if you really want to be dry



Your parents can help you a lot but


 will have to help out a lot as well.

There are some things you can do :

1. Simple Things

2. Bedwetting Alarms



[Click here to see how bed wetting alarms work]


Simple Things To Do :


Drink MORE

Drink More during the day - It teaches your balloon (bladder) to hold on and give it some stretch.


Some foods and drink can make it worse by irritating or "itching" the bladder.

Junkfood.gif (3106 bytes)

Eg., chocolate,  cola drinks and junk food.

(that is, all the good things !).

Daytime Exercises

Try and hold on for as long as you can just before you go to the toilet.

This helps to keep the muscles strong.




Last Updated  Sunday, 01. May 2016