How Does a

Wet Bed Happen?

When you eat and drink, all the "goodies" go into your blood.

Any left over water is turned into wee (urine) by your Kidneys.

The wee is then passed ( in tubes called Ureters )

into a large balloon called the Bladder which stores it.

When the balloon gets full a message goes

to your brain to tell it to hold on.

During the day most kids can hold on

until they go to the toilet, They then let go and wee.

Muscles down near your bottom

are used to hold on to the wee



When we sleep we still make wee.

It still gets stored in the bladder

Messages still go to the brain :-

"Hold on !"


"Go to the toilet !"


Some kids have brains that have not learnt to listen !



Last Updated  Sunday, 01. May 2016

















Last Updated  Sunday, 01. May 2016