Bed Wetting Alarms       

Alarms help teach your brain to tell your bladder to hold on.

They are worn on the pyjamas or are put beside your bed.

Pyjama WornMalem_on.gif (4157 bytes)

A noise box is pinned to the top of your pyjamas.

A small wire with a "wee detective" attached,

This is passed to the undies down near where the wee is produced.

When you wee the detective finds out, sends a message to the noise box, and makes the alarm go off.


RC_onBed.gif (3323 bytes)

Bedside Alarm

A flat mat is placed under your sheet.

The mat is connected to a noise box beside your bed.

When wee touches the mat the noise box goes off.

Sometimes kids start to wet again but don't worry

- this can happen, and is just as easily fixed.


Last Updated  Tuesday, 24. August 2004