The Problems
Day wetting

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Children who wet in the day form quite a varied group. This section is deliberately short, to not  falsely reassure by the absence of a particular symptom or feature, and is by no means complete.

1% of 5 year olds
15% improve each year
60% are dry at night

  • Associations with day wetting

    Bacteria in the Urine Bacteruria in up to 50% of cases
    Constipation Wetting and infections are common in children with chronic constipation, particularly if also soiling.
    Structural Abnormalities of Kidney and Bladder Especially consider in boys
    Sexual Abuse May need to be considered

    There are any causes associated with day wetting, here are some - this list is NOT complete.

    Kidney / Bladder
    Unstable bladder muscle (detrusor) - ? up to 50%
    Poor co-ordination between bladder muscle and out flow
    Delayed "maturation" - reduced awareness of sensation
    Urinary tract infection
    Other Giggle incontinence
    Spinal Cord Abnormality







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